Dr Teja Kulkarni
Dr Teja Kulkarni
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Care For Dry Skin
Does your skin feel dry ?
Here are some simple tips that will be useful :
Dr Teja Kulkarni Use a mild soap to clean your skin.  If your skin feels ‘tight’ or ‘stretched’ after using a soap or face wash or shower gel, don’t use it.  You might want to try a cleansing lotion instead.  Nowadays, there are cleansing bars available (syndets, not soap bars) that may suit your skin.  They are pH balanced.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Pat dry your skin rather than rubbing or wiping it dry
Dr Teja Kulkarni Use your moisturizer immediately on patting dry your skin. That way, its effect will last longer.  When you need to reapply your moisturizer, wet your skin, pat it dry, then reapply.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Protect your skin from harmful solar radiation.
If your skin is very sensitive :
Dr Teja Kulkarni It is preferable to use hypoallergenic fragrance-free moisturizers.
Dr Teja Kulkarni If you are allergic to a chemical sunscreen with a several active agents, you may go for one that contains few ingredients that are hypoallergenic.
Dr Teja Kulkarni It is preferable that you use cotton clothes.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Avoid direct contact with wool, with carpets, with pets.
Dr Teja Kulkarni If you need to wear woolens during winter, wear them over cotton clothes, avoiding direct contact with skin.
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