Dr Teja Kulkarni
Dr Teja Kulkarni
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Cavitation Technology for Body Reshaping
Icon Safe. Icon Instant.
Icon Avaliable at Nashik. Icon Painless.
Icon Non-surgical. Icon No admission required. It is an office procedure.
Extra inches in the wrong areas?  A large number of people go to the gym, stick to a good diet, lose weight but do not necessarily reduce in certain areas of the body, e.g. thighs, tummy, buttocks.
Apart from poor self-image, fat people face other problems. E.g. friction between thighs may make even walking a painful chore.   Brisk walking or jogging to lose weight then become out of question.  If a person has ‘central obesity’, which is very common in India, he/she is more prone to develop diseases like diabetes.
Finally, a breakthrough technology is here.  It works on the desired areas of the body only.  Ultrasonic waves generated during the procedure lead to localised heating of the fat cells and liquefaction of fat.  This is drained away by the lymphatic channels and then processed in the body just like the fat in the foods we eat.  It is not a technology for weight reduction, but only for redistribution of fat.  You might lose even up to an inch in just one sitting.  Limited areas can be treated at one sitting.  Sittings may be repeated at the same site after 15 days.  Different areas can be treated in rotation.  These ‘lost’ inches must be kept away by sticking to a good exercise regimen and diet.
A word of caution – The procedure may not suit each and every person.  Always consult your doctor before going for any procedure – however safe it may be.
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