Dr Teja Kulkarni
Dr Teja Kulkarni
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Gone are the pimples but not the scars ?
Do you feel your skin losing that youthful ‘tightness’ ?
The ‘dermaroller’ (medical) may be the right solution for you.
Dr Teja Kulkarni
Dr Teja Kulkarni The depth of scars (due to pimples, chicken pox, trauma, etc.) decreases considerably.  But that depends on the type of scars you have. Consult your dermatologist to understand how much your skin will benefit from the procedure.
Dr Teja Kulkarni It tightens and firms the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis in the deeper layers of your skin. This gives an improved skin texture.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Reduces pores size.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Improves appearance of stretch marks.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Helps in better delivery of enhancement agents applied on the skin.
About The Procedure :-
Dr Teja Kulkarni The procedure is very safe.
Dr Teja Kulkarni The Dermaroller is a device used for micro needling.  The micro needles stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers in the deeper layers of the skin, giving a more youthful and tighter skin, and a reduction in the depth of scars.  Usually two or three sessions are required for good results.  The gap between sessions is usually 1 month or more.
Dr Teja Kulkarni No hospital admission required.  Can be done at the clinic itself.  A local anaesthetic cream is applied 30 to 40 minutes prior to the procedure to reduce discomfort.  No injections are required.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Hardly 10 minutes are required for the procedure. All routine activities can be carried out immediately after the procedure. No dressings, etc. are required.  No special precautions are to be taken after the procedure apart from protecting your skin from sunlight.
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