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Permanent Hair Reduction
Almost everyone struggles with the frustration of unwanted body and facial hair. Many of us have tried shaving, tweezing, waxing, and hair removal creams. Others have resorted to tedious and painful electrolysis treatments. But now there is a comfortable, safe and effective way of permanently removing unwanted hair.
Are lasers really safe ?
They are extremely safe. Hair removal lasers are some of the safest machines and have been used for ages across the world
Can this treatment be done on any part of the body ?
Almost. The only area that is typically not treated is the area underneath the eyebrows, which is too close to the eyes for safety.  There was a time when only girls and women with abnormal hair growth over upper lip, chin, breasts, etc. would get a permanent hair reduction done.  Nowadays, many men and women get unwanted hair removed permanently.  Even if the growth is ‘normal’, (e.g. underarm area or private parts), if it is undesirable for you, it can be removed.  This is especially useful for people who keep removing hair by temporary methods and get small boils or other forms of skin irritation after that. Nanno Light
Is it a painful procedure ?
No.  There is some discomfort, but not much pain. The discomfort will vary from person to person and the area being treated. For more sensitive individuals and sensitive areas, an anesthetic gel (a numbing gel) can be applied before treatment.
How soon can regular activities be resumed ?
Immediately following treatment. However, sometimes the skin appears reddish for an hour or two after treatment.
What actually happens during the procedure ?
A laser beam is passed over the entire treatment area. The black pigment in the hair root absorbs this laser energy and the hair bulb gets selectively destroyed, without damaging the surrounding skin.

This has several benefits :–

Dr Teja Kulkarni It may permanently stop further hair growth from some of the hair roots in that area.
Dr Teja Kulkarni The hair growth that comes up from hair follicles (roots) that have not been completely destroyed is usually slower than before.
Dr Teja Kulkarni The hair that comes up after treatment is usually finer and lighter than before.
Since the ‘target’ for the laser is the black pigment in the hair, dark and coarse hair respond better than light and thin hair.
How many treatment sessions will I need ?
Since each treatment typically disables about 20% of the hair follicles, most people require a minimum of five to six treatments for sufficient long-term results. Due to individual characteristics, it is impossible to predict exactly how many treatments you will need. In case there is an underlying hormonal irregularity, more sessions may be required.  The underlying condition also needs to be treated.  So you may be advised some blood tests if your hair growth seems abnormal.
Will all of my hair be removed ?
Less hair typically grows back after each treatment, and the hair tends to be finer and lighter in colour than before. Many individuals experience a permanent reduction in hair growth from 70% to 80%. Most patients are left with a certain percentage (perhaps 10% to 20% of the original amount) of remaining hair in the treatment area, which are either too fine or too light in color for the Laser to disable.  The hair left behind is usually too fine to be visible at conversational distance.

Please note :

Dr Teja Kulkarni Procedures such as waxing, threading, etc. which pull out hair right from the roots should be avoided for at least 15 days before a laser session.  Otherwise there will be nothing to absorb the laser energy.  Only the skin and not the hair roots will be targeted in that case and the laser session will be wasted.  If, in between sessions, your hair growth makes you conscious, you can remove it with a hair removal cream or shave it off – although this may leave behind black stub-like look if your hair is coarse.  But remember, this phase is temporary.  The laser will soon get rid of the hair permanently.
Dr Teja Kulkarni After the laser session, do not expect the smooth finish that is obtained after waxing.  For a few days, part of the hair and root that is damaged with the laser may get extruded (thrown off) from the skin’s surface.  It may appear as if there is immediate growth of hair, giving a feeling that the laser has not worked.  However, this is not true re-growth.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Avoid sun exposure over the area being lased, using a sunscreen, a scarf, etc.  The more tanned your skin is, the more laser energy it will absorb, with lesser energy reaching the hair follicles.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Laser sessions are not given in pregnancy. Please inform the doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Inform the doctor if you have been on any medication in the past 6 months, especially treatment for pimples.
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