Dr Teja Kulkarni
Dr Teja Kulkarni
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Treatment of Scars
Many times, small skin problems like pimples (acne) and chicken pox leave behind unsightly scars which remain visible for years and years.  Some people do not mind these scars at all while others feel that these scars diminish their quality of life.   They also feel that scars limit their chances of getting jobs, getting promotions, etc.  Some feel so self-conscious because of the scars that they start socializing less and become depressed.  So whether to get your scars treated or not is a personal choice, depending on how the scars are affecting your life.
The following points have been written keeping post acne scars in mind, as these are the commonest.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Scar treatment may require several treatment sessions and some downtime.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Having realistic expectations about the results is important. While treatment can decrease the depth of scars to a good extent and hence improve the appearance of your skin, it is usually not possible to obtain the smooth skin you had before getting acne.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Usually treatment is started after the pimples are under control.  If you have been taking a drug called isotretinoin to treat your acne, a 6 month wait may be advisable before you start a treatment like LASER for your scars.  However, less aggressive treatments may be done till then.
Dr Teja Kulkarni It is not possible to predict who will develop acne scars. This is why dermatologists recommend early treatment for acne. This can help prevent acne from becoming severe. The less severe the acne, the less the risk of developing acne scars. This is especially important for people who have family members who had severe acne. Waiting to treat acne until it becomes severe can lead to extensive acne scarring.
Dr Teja Kulkarni Mild depressed acne scars often become less noticeable with use of products that contain glycolic acid, retinol, or vitamin C. These active ingredients help the body to produce new collagen, and collagen plumps up the skin. If spots of discolored skin (which are not scars) appeared after your acne cleared, a skin lightening cream may help. However, the active ingredients in at-home products are not very strong. Results may not be dramatic or long-lasting.
Dr Teja Kulkarni One single best treatment for acne scars does not exist. Acne scars come in different shapes and sizes. They develop on different parts of the body. Some scars are deep; others are shallow.  To treat these different scars, many treatments are available, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, subcision, medical dermarollers and laser skin resurfacing. A proper consultation will be required to decide which treatment or combination of treatments will be most effective for you.
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